On Saturday 15th June Real Or Otherside travelled "oop North!" to the Armley Mills Industrial Museum in Leeds where we had been invited by our good friends at Haunted Happenings to attend a charity investigation/event in aid of Ruddi's Retreat. In attendance were Haunted Happenings, their guests and some of the cast of ITV's Emmerdale. In store was a full evening, from 7pm until 3am, of paranormal investigation, within Armley Mills, as well as raffles and auctions with the aim to raise as much money as possible for an extremely worthwhile cause - Ruddi's Retreat.


The evening itself was fantastic and Armley Mills certainly did not disappoint as a location as almost everyone had some kind of paranormal experience! I think we wouldn't be out of place by saying that all who attended had a great time and lots of money was raised for Ruddi's Retreat. Everyone really got in to the spirit (!) of things whilst remembering why we were there and the cause we were all trying to help. I think a few new friendships were created through the event at Armley Mills – and that can never be a bad thing!

Real Or Otherside were lucky enough to be able to have some time to speak to Ali Jones whose son Ruddi is the reason and inspiration for her setting up Ruddi's Retreat – and she is truly an inspiration to us all.

You can read more about the charity, and its history, on the official Ruddi's Retreat website at and, talking to Ali, we were truly moved by her story. This is someone who has been able to do something that maybe not a lot of us could and that is to take a difficult and emotional experience and turn it in to a positive for others – this is a truly selfless act and shows what character Ali has.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended. Firstly the helpful and pleasant staff at Armley Mills, Haunted Happenings for inviting us, Ali Jones, Nicola Carney - who does great work for Ruddi's Retreat - and all of the guests for agreeing to be filmed and for making the evening such a success. We would also like to thank the cast of Emmerdale who totally immersed themselves in every aspect of the evening and were more than happy for us to stick yet more cameras in their faces during their breaks and vigils … and yes we did manage to capture all of their screams!!!

We now set to work collating all of the footage with the end result being a downloadable video, and potentially a DVD, that will show the nights events from beginning to end. It goes without saying that as soon as this has been completed we will post the video to our YouTube channel, website and Facebook page so keep checking back for updates …




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In a break from tradition of us performing an investigation, reviewing the evidence, producing a video and then posting our findings we thought that, seeing as we had such a great time at the event, it would be a nice idea to write a diary style post for the website detailing the events of the YHA/FPI Paranormal Weekend at St.Briavels Castle in the Forest Of Dean.

The event ran from 7pm on Friday 15th until around 11am on Sunday 17th March and involved investigations on both nights as well as presentations, activities and a medieval banquet on the Saturday.

YHA/FPI ST.BRIAVELS PARANORMAL WEEKEND [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]

The weekend was organised by the YHA, the owners of the castle, and was hosted by FPI (Forest Paranormal Investigations) who you may have seen on Living TVs Great British Ghosts.

We had investigated with FPI on two previous occasions and the two teams seem to have "hit it off" so when they asked us to be the VIP guest team at the St.Briavels weekend we didn't hesitate to accept.

We will of course be reviewing all of the footage from the investigations, across the two nights, so keep checking the website to see the evidence but, for the time being, please check out the rest of the article for an insight in to some of the weekends highlights.

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ROOPRs BLOOPRs: VOLUME 1 [Real Or Otherside Blooper Reel]

If you monitor our website, or Facebook page, you will have seen we spent the weekend of the 15th-17th March at a paranormal event, hosted by FPI (Forest Paranormal Investigations), at St.Briavels Castle in the Forest Of Dean.

Since investigating with FPI in December 2012 we have been lucky enough that the two teams really seem to have "hit it off" and have found common bonds in many things … including our sense of humour!

FPI invited us to be the guest paranormal team over the course of the weekend and, as part of this, we gave an hour long presentation about Real Or Otherside so those attending could learn a little more about us and how we approach our work in the paranormal field.

After an hour of listening to us talk and flick through slides we thought what better way to end the presentation than to have 5 minutes, it did start out at 2 minutes, of some of the more light hearted moments from our investigations.

The ROOPRs BLOOPRs video is in no way meant to disrespect any of the spirits we are trying to communicate with, or the work other paranormal groups are doing, but rather is meant to highlight that when you are on location for upwards of 5 hours you sometimes need to relax, take a step back, have a laugh or, as we are in the pitch black, sometimes just fall over or walk in to things!

Laughter is also a great way to build positive energy and this can be used to help spirits manifest or communicate with us. With this in mind we were hoping that by having it at the end of our presentation it would leave people with a positive vibe heading in to the nights investigations and that that energy could be utilised and built upon.

We hope you enjoy the video and we are sure there will be many more to come …

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Well, things have been pretty quiet from us lately but, fear not, we are busy behind the scenes beavering away on new projects and trying to confirm locations to investigate – both for ourselves and for you to join us.

As a technology/equipment based group we have had a web presence since our inception which now encompasses our website, Facebook and YouTube channel.

We are always keen to find new ways of using the internet and social media to spread the word about Real Or Otherside and, with this in mind, have been trialling Twitter to see if it would benefit us as a group. After testing and getting to grips with tweets, re-tweets and hash tags we are happy to announce that we have now gone live with the official Real Or Otherside Twitter account!

Please feel free to visit our new Twitter page and follow us for up-to-the minute news, paranormal related re-tweets and, signals permitting, live tweets from our investigations!

So hurry on over to Twitter now using the link above or add @realorotherside to the groups/people you follow … who knows perhaps one day we can get #realorotherside trending!

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Well, it has been another busy year for Real Or Otherside and 2013 is already shaping up to be just as hectic!

We completed our final investigation of 2012 on Saturday 15th December at the Angel Hotel in Coleford where we investigated along side Forest Paranormal, who we were meeting for the first time, and they are another group we have met who were so welcoming and willing to share ideas. We have potential to investigate with them again in January (TBC) but have so far confirmed a weekend of investigation, at St.Briavels Castle in March 2013, where we will be the Guest Paranormal team. Tickets are still available for this event so please contact the castle for more details – it would be great to see some of you there and for you to have the chance to meet an extremely professional but relaxed team such as Forest Paranormal! We are certainly looking forward to working with them more in 2013 and seeing what evidence we can obtain!

Once again we have had quiet locations, locations that surprised us, locations that we thought would be active and nothing happened – so it proves in this field that you just never know what you will find!

We have our eyes on additional equipment for 2013 which will allow us to investigate using even more techniques and, hopefully, give us more chance of capturing any activity so it can be presented as evidence. At the same time it also keeps our "techy geek" selves happy!

We have some investigations planned already for 2013 including Sally In The Woods, St.Briavels Castle and a museum in Weston-Super-Mare. We are also working extremely hard behind the scenes to return to some of the locations we investigated in 2012 as well as securing new locations, both for ourselves and other people to join us. We have also set the wheels in motion to try and secure our first investigation "abroad" in 2013 so keep your eyes peeled … if we can secure them then these will be 2 fascinating locations!

Thank you to everyone we have worked with and met during 2012 including the teams at Haunted Happenings, Forest Paranormal, BSPRI, SGPIT, South Bristol Paranormal and a new start up group – Vortex Paranormal. We thank all of these groups and the individuals, especially Karen and Katrina, that have joined us on investigations for their continued support and we can't wait to work with you all again next year.

Thank you as well to both the Pinstripe Medium who has provided us with an alternative angle to our investigations without ever being too intrusive and James (Meeky) who has trekked across the country with us and provided some great historical records, extra equipment and even managed to bag us an investigation – good skills!

Last, but by no means least, thank you to our other halves for putting up with us. We know it is not easy sometimes and that the paranormal side of things takes up a lot of our time but we really do appreciate you being there for us and backing us all the way in what we do.

For those that haven't seen it on Facebook yet please take a moment to view our Christmas video greeting above. It's just a little something to say thank you and a Merry Christmas to everyone that follows us … but make sure you don't have your speakers too loud as there is a little "surprise" half way through!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and we can't wait for 2013 to begin. There are so many ideas we have that we are thinking of putting in to practice, new challenges and new opportunities. It is definitely going to be a busy but exciting time and we hope you can all join us on our adventure!!!


Forest Paranormal 

As always we have been busy working behind-the-scenes to book new locations for Real Or Otherside to investigate and, following on from last weeks announcement that we will be working with (FPI) Forest Paranormal Investigations in 2012/2013, we have also confirmed more dates for our diary.

2013 is promising to be a busy, and hopefully exciting, year for Real Or Otherside with a number of locations already booked and some other "miscellaneous" projects in the pipeline. In addition to this we are also planning to increase the number of "open" investigations, where you can investigate with us, so keep checking the website and Facebook page for breaking news about them and to guarantee your places!

One of the locations we are looking to return to for an "open" investigation is Nothe Fort in Weymouth. After our investigation there in September, where the majority of guests seemed to experience something, it seemed too good not to return to!

We are also busy working behind the scenes to try and secure our first "overseas" investigation, hopefully in 2013, which will consist of 2 very different locations spread across 2 nights!

At present here are the dates and locations Real Or Otherside have confirmed, starting with a double header this coming weekend, for the remainder of 2012 and in to 2013:

Friday 30th November 2012
Unnamed Mental Asylum

Saturday 1st December 2012
Kelvedon Hatch with Haunted Happenings

Saturday 15th December 2012
Angel Hotel, Coleford with (FPI) Forest Paranormal Investigations

Saturday 25th January 2013
Sally In The Woods, Bathford

Friday 15th March 2013 – Sunday 17th March 2013
St.Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire

This is a paranormal weekend event, open to the public, run by St.Briavels Castle and hosted by FPI. Real Or Otherside will be attending as the guest paranormal team and will also be giving a presentation. For more details and to book please contact St.Briavels Castle directly on 01594 830600 or email them at Continue reading this post … »


Pagan Worship Room Niddry Street Vaults

Poltergeist and demonic activity, a sacrificial circle, people being scratched or attacked and audio recordings of the last rites have been captured and experienced in what is classed as one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

But what lay in store for Real Or Otherside as we ventured under the streets of Edinburgh in to the infamous Niddry Street Vaults …

Booked as part of the birthday celebrations for Rick, co-founder of Real Or Otherside, we had sole access to all areas of the vaults from 11pm until 4am on Saturday 9th June. Rick and Mike were joined for the investigation by The Pinstripe Medium, Sam, Debbie, Max and James – who have all previously investigated with us.

The vaults themselves are a series of chambers that lay underneath the South Bridge, completed in 1788, in Edinburgh and for around 30 years the vaults were used to house taverns, cobblers and other tradesmen. The vaults also have a darker side though and were reportedly used to store the bodies of notorious grave robbers turned serial killers Burke and HareFairly quickly conditions in the vaults deteriorated, due to damp and poor air quality, and the businesses left. They were then more commonly used for slum housing, petty crime and prostitution. In 1835 the vaults were purged of their inhabitants, filled in, and forgotten.

They were rediscovered less than 20 years ago by a drunken student, living adjacent to the vaults, who knocked a hole in his wall – in turn accidentally unveiling the hidden vaults.

The vaults have been investigated by countless paranormal groups and a number of TV shows including Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures. In 2009 the "King Of The Jungle," Joe Swash, decided to spend the night alone in the vaults – he lasted four hours. The most interesting aspect of his stay was the capture, unknown to him at the time, of what appears to be 20 minutes of audio of an unseen Catholic priest reciting the ‘Last Rites!’ Continue reading this post … »


Forest Paranormal 

At the beginning of 2012 Real Or Otherside investigated Littledean Jail in the Forest Of Dean and, as access was limited to 5pm until 9pm, we began searching for another location in the area that we could move on to after to perform a "double investigation." We ideally wanted to go somewhere that wasn't well known and so, with this in mind, began searching for paranormal groups local to the area that would have a greater knowledge of what might be suitable.

After a bit of searching we found Forest Paranormal Investigations (FPI) who we contacted and who were very helpful. Both groups were also keen to meet up but, as usual, time flies when you're trying to juggle working full time and running a paranormal group and the meeting, unfortunately, never happened!

Imagine our surprise when, last week, we were contacted by Tim Gunter from FPI who had some complimentary things to say about Real Or Otherside and what sounded like an interesting opportunity to team up in 2013. After a flurry of Facebook messages, an impromptu meeting on Skype and some hastily rearranged appointments (mainly because I forgot I had booked things in the diary … again) we are pleased to announce that we have arranged 2 investigations/projects with FPI in 2012/2013. Continue reading this post … »


Untouched by time
Step back in time… 

Disembodied footsteps, light anomalies, table tipping and coins being thrown met Staff, Guests and Investigators alike… when Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research were invited to join Haunted Happenings and their guests, to investigate one of the most haunted Castles in the UK – Warwick Castle 

Warwick Castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068, let still looks as good today as the day it was built.  In fact it is one of the best maintained Castles in the British Isles, something which only adds to its atmosphere during an investigation. 

Our investigation of Warwick Castle formed part of the ongoing collaboration between Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research and Haunted Happenings, who (as always) allowed us unrestricted access to the location itself, along with opportunity to film both Castle staff and HH regulars as they investigated this magnificent location.  Did we capture evidence of the Paranormal during our visit, or is there a rational explanation for much of the recorded activity?  Only you can decide …is it Real Or Otherside?

The investigation was held on Sunday, 26th August 2012 and was our first investigation of Warwick Castle.

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Although Real Or Otherside are, and always will be, an independent paranormal investigation group we do work closely, and collaborate, with other groups whenever possible. As a group our ethos is that if we can help anyone find proof of the paranormal then why shouldn't we?

We have worked with a number of groups to date including the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society (GPS), the Bristol Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation (BSPRI), South Gloucestershire Paranormal (SGPIT) and South Bristol Paranormal Group as well as individuals such as Jason Higgs from Supernatural Investigations.

We also work with Haunted Happenings and, to date, have produced a number of videos to showcase both their locations and how their investigations are performed – all of which can be seen on their official website. As a result of the collaboration between Real Or Otherside and Haunted Happenings some of our footage has, today, gone global and been featured on Ukrainian national TV along with an interview with Wayne Spurrier – Director of Haunted Happenings.

The full article can be read by clicking this link (It is in Russian so you will need to translate with Google/Chrome) or you can view the video by clicking the image below. All of the night vision footage contained in the video was captured by Real Or Otherside.

REAL OR OTHERSIDE FOOTAGE ON UKRAINIAN TV [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]

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