Haunted Blair Street Vaults

Feelings of utter despair and sadness in 'The White Room' (also known as 'Mr Boots' room) when stood against the back wall:

  • This only seemed to happen when the guide wasn't speaking

  • Happened immediately upon entering the room. Sam was first in and had no idea what room this was or that it was the most haunted room

  • The guide indicated that the back wall was a 'hotspot' for activity

As I exited the White Room I felt a stream coming from nose (very quick, similar to nose bleed). I thought I had a nose bleed but didn't.


Second room – felt tickle on cheek

Felt left foot being kicked in 'Safe room' (cobblers corner – see below).  Looked over and person was close, but not close enough to kick.

General feeling in some rooms of a presence.

Drawn to corner of 'Safe room', which it turns out is haunted by a cobbler

Definite feeling in 'white room' – I felt  it was 'the' most haunted room – despite not knowing it was – Could be because of the tv shows, but rooms all look the same so I shouldn't have recognised it

Heard noise behind the guide in the Second room – sounded like a metal cylinder clanging on a stone wall (we liken it to a fire extinguisher hitting a wall). Guide heard this also and turned, as did some of the party

  • EVP session in room 1 – still to be reviewed

  • EVP session in 'white room' – still to be reviewed

  • Pictures taken in 'white room' – still to be reviewed