Haunted London Tombs

Saturday 14th May 2011 saw Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research perform an investigation at the London Tombs. We were lucky enough to be given 2 hours of exclusive access by Haunted Happenings prior to the other guests arriving and we would like to take this opportunity to extend a massive thank you to Hazel Ford and Jayne for making this possible.

The exclusive access meant this was one of our longest investigations to date, running from 7pm until 5am. During this time we captured approximately 4 hours of video and 6 hours of audio and after our initial review process, recorded a total of 45 potential 'hits.’ After secondary analysis / enhancement this was reduced to 7 ’hits’ which we believe to be of interest.

As always we have classified each piece of evidence, or ‘hit,’ against our R.O.O. SCALE to determine how paranormal (in our opinion) the hit was. More details on how we analyse, review and present evidence can be found in the How Do We section of our blog.


If you missed it first time round, you can view the 'Teaser Trailer' for London Tombs below:


LONDON TOMBS: TEASER TRAILER [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]


After each investigation we like to take a step back and see if there are any better ways of presenting the evidence or ‘hits’ that we find. Given the popularity of our recent videos for this investigation, in addition to the written evidence review, we've decided to post a single video which also contains any audio ‘hits’ we captured. We believe this will make the evidence more accessible and will make for a more immersive experience.

The evidence you will see/hear in this video is as it happened on location. The only modifications made were volume increases to some of the audio (i.e. the knocks in the Spider Room) and some scene edit/cuts to either provide context or a compressed version of events (i.e. the K2 'falling over,' as otherwise it would have been a 20 minute clip).

After watching the video (headphones recommended) continue down the page for a more in-depth explanation of each ‘hit’, along with our thoughts on the location.

Now you decide … is it Real Or Otherside?


LONDON TOMBS: FINAL EVIDENCE VIDEO [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]


What we have described as a 'thumping' noise was captured in the Carriage Room while Rick and Mike were conducting their lone walk around, so contamination would be almost impossible on this occasion.

After placing the K2 EMF Meter and voice recorder in the carriage we began calling out for anyone to make contact with us but after about 20 minutes nothing had happened. As Rick became more confrontational he moved toward the carriage and at this point a loud thump can be heard.

Upon closer inspection and initially thinking the K2 had disappeared completely, we discovered it had fallen over. The 'thump' is captured louder on the voice recorder (which is next to the K2) than on the camcorder audio, so would point to the source of the noise being very close to the voice recorder – most likely from the K2 falling over. What is interesting though is why, after 20 minutes of being stood upright, did the K2 then fall over in a sealed room with no draughts?

Was it vibrations from Rick moving toward the carriage (though the floor is made of solid stone), the seat material expanding/contracting, or was there something in the carriage that disrupted the K2?


Again this footage was captured in the Carriage Room during our lone walk around. You can clearly see to the right (your right) of Mikes’ head, just above the barrels. A sparkle appears, moves down between the barrels and then dissipates.

This is another interesting 'sparkle' capture, similar to those we have had on our previous investigations at Brean Down Fort and Tutbury Castle. As before we have tried debunking it as either a fly, dust, a reflection from a light source or a fault with the camcorder but each of these we've been able to dismiss – so at present we cannot come up with a reasonable explanation. Is something following us between locations or will we discover a logical explanation as we perform more investigations?

As the consistency of their appearance on our investigations continues to increase, but we are unable to completely debunk them at this point, we have reduced the rating to a R.O.O.4 (Unlikely). Moving forward we hope to catch more to help us decide if they are Real Or Otherside?


During the lone walk around Rick and Mike entered the Spider Room and experienced knocking which lasted for almost 7 minutes. Interestingly the knocks appeared to show intelligence making them somewhat of a mystery. While we cannot entirely rule out contamination it should be noted that we were deep in the tombs, totally alone and we could quite easily distinguish other noises such as tube trains and people moving on the floors above.


At the point of this capture we had moved to the Construction Area with some of the other guests, however Rick and Mike had moved to the end of a corridor about 50 yards from the rest of the group.

There is clearly a voice captured, followed by humming (Rick likened it to the tune 'I know something you don't know') on both the camcorder audio and voice recorder.  However neither Rick, Mike nor the other members of the group heard it at the time? Members of the group respond to a squeaking noise after the ‘hit’ (which was also captured) but not to the voice / humming itself.

We are quite sure that this was not contamination from another group and nor was it a member of the group we were with, as it sounds too distant and muted?  Also the 'musical' nature of the humming would rule out a non-intelligent source (such as an animal, or atmospherics).


Mike was taking part in a lone vigil in the sewer area when a tap/knock is captured on the voice recorder. This backs up what Mike experienced at the time as he said it sounded as if a small stone had been thrown and had hit one of the oil drums behind him. When Roy, from Haunted Happenings, came to ask if anything had happened Mike advised him of the noise but said he thought it might have been another group member on the other side of the wall. Roy advised that no-one was behind Mike in that area?


Again, during Mikes’ lone vigil, a voice/whimper is captured on the voice recorder audio. It is unlikely this was a member of the group as they were too far away to have been picked up that clearly if they were only whispering?

This piece of evidence is interesting as, shortly before it occurs, Mike is captured on voice recorder saying that it “seems to be getting darker” in the corridor.


Rick and Mike moved to the Haunted Staircase along with Laura, Matt and Maria who we had met during the course of the evening. After running the torch experiment for about 20 minutes in the Carriage Room with no results, we decided to try it again in this location to see if we could replicate the activity we saw at Brean Down Fort. After 10 minutes of no activity the torch sprang to life and began responding to some (though we should point out, not all) of our questions.

Unfortunately we were not rolling on the video when the torch initially switched itself on, but as soon as it happened we began filming – you can see the results in our video evidence.

As this phenomenon has occurred previously and it was location specific in the Tombs (nothing happened when we tried the same experiment in the Carriage Room which, we feel, further rules out the possibility of it being caused by a faulty torch) we have again rated this type of 'hit' as R.O.O.2 (Likely), as we are as yet unable to debunk it. We will continue to try this experiment on our upcoming investigations and see what results we get.


As a group we had some of our most interesting experiences at the London Tombs, pushed more of our own personal boundaries and did a lot of work trying to debunk some of the “evidence” we have captured on previous investigations.

As always there is evidence we can present and other moments that just have to go down as personal experiences. Here are some of our personal thoughts on our time at the London Tombs:



I have to start this Personal Experience log with a huge thanks to both Hazel Ford (Founder of haunted Happenings) and Jayne (the locations investigation lead), for allowing Real Or Otherside exclusive access to the London Tombs during their May event. Not only did this give us the opportunity to perform a two hour solo investigation of the Tombs prior to anyone else arriving, but we enjoyed total freedom on location.

For us to be extended an opportunity to gain this level of access to such a renowned location was really quite humbling. It can be quite difficult for smaller investigation groups to gain access to some of the more 'high profile' locations, so Hazel's (Haunted Happenings) kindness and trust really can not be underplayed here. We very much look forward to taking Hazel up on her offer of further exclusive access at future HH events!

So we come to my Personal Experience log. What a place! The tombs themselves were a lot bigger and spookier than we had expected and even for a sceptic like me, it was very hard not to break out into a cold sweat at the thought of performing a lone investigation in such an atmospheric location… but investigate we did and what a ride it turned out to be.

The initial walk round with Jayne I liken to how it must have felt to know you were heading off to the gallows in the morning to get a (very) short back and sides. Knowing that we'd soon be back in the same location, but without Jayne to guide us was probably one of the most disconcerting experiences I've had to date during my time with Real Or Otherside.

Of particular note during our solo investigation was the knocks we picked up in the Spider Room. They went on for several minutes and appeared (at times) to be of intelligent origin. You can hear these for yourselves in the investigation report video and I highly recommend the use of headphones so you can really pick out just how impressive these were!

Other highlights for me was the thump from the carriage in the Carriage Room during our lone vigil (just after we had provoked and I had turned my back to it… typical!), more torch activity on the Haunted Stairwell (note to self, always make sure the bloody camcorder is running!) and my solo investigation sat in a dark corridor with only a boiled sweet to keep me company (don't ask!). Nothing happened, but this sceptic sure was on edge for the first 10 minutes I can tell you :o )

However for me the evidence capture of this investigation was the 'hummed' tune we caught in the Construction Area. I can tell you for a fact that no one heard this at the time and it was only during evidence review that we picked it up. It is clearly of intelligent origin and is clearly a tune (and not of the type you'd expect from a bird or other animal). As such I find this type of evidence quite compelling for the simple fact that it's very difficult to debunk (the same was true of the humming we caught at Brean Down).

For me a R.O.O.3 rating is almost an injustice, however given the circumstance (we were with about 20 other people at the time, so it wasn't a 'controlled' environment) we have no choice but to rate it as such. St Briavels Castle is next… bring on the humming I say and be still my sceptical mind! :o )



The London Tombs was an amazing experience and certainly makes for an eerie and imposing location when “all” the lights are out.

We were lucky enough to be granted exclusive access by Haunted Happenings for almost 2 hours and during this time I think both Rick and I grew in confidence and realized that these opportunities and these types of location are why we do what we do?

My experiences began almost immediately during our walk around with Jayne as I got the feeling something was following us. After about half way round though this feeling disappeared? I have a number of personal highlights from the London Tombs including the torch appearing to respond to commands again (which has left me with more questions), the taps from my lone vigil and the definite feeling of the corridor becoming darker as I stood there. Fortunately this has all been captured in one form or another proving that, once again, all of the equipment we have is necessary and that it needs to always be rolling as you never know when you might capture something.

Although this was a long investigation time seemed to fly and the location left me wanting more. Even at the end the London Tombs left us with questions as a number of us saw what looked like someone turning a torch on but no-one had? With this in mind I would love to return to the London Tombs to perform another investigation and see what results we get.


If you have any questions, or comments, on the above analysis or the methodology used please feel free to post below or contact Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research via email by clicking here.


  • Teresa Kes Boxell Clark

    reading your experience at the London Tombs were minimal compared t our experiences, we saw the spirits, we spoke to Victoria and felt them lift up our hands and touch our faces, the table lifted off the floor and a child’s hand moved a sweet and ball in our hands.