Haunted Ancient Ram Inn

Reputedly one of the most haunted locations in the UK, the history and activity surrounding the Ancient Ram Inn is the stuff of legend. Visions of people hanging in the barn, shadows on the stairs, ritual sacrifice, a sex crazed Incubus, light anomalies in the notorious Bishops Room, and who can forget when Most Haunted's Stuart was 'allegedly' punched to the ground!

Located in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire the Ancient Ram Inn has stood on the current site since 1145. Originally built, whether intentionally or not on ancient ley lines, to house the workers building the many churches in the area – it has born witness to devil worship, use as a bar, a hideout for highwaymen and residence for religious figures.  The current owner, John Humphries, has lived there for around 40 years and is now as much a part of the history, mystique and intrigue of the Ancient Ram Inn as the building itself. With regular reports of activity and visitations from the Incubus this is a location that had divided the founders of Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research for a long time … one eager to investigate and the other sworn never to set foot in the place!!!

This was the first ‘open’ investigation we had performed and, along with Debbie (Trainee Investigator) and Paul Stevens (The Pinstripe Medium), we welcomed family and friends along with us to help hunt for any spirits present at the Ancient Ram Inn.


John was the most gracious of hosts and with unrestricted access to the building from 8pm until 6am the night would ultimately provide us with the most footage/data we had ever collected on an investigation.

In total we captured 11 hours of video and 8 hours of audio. After the initial review process we'd recorded a total of 34 potential 'hits’ but, after secondary analysis/enhancement, this was reduced to only 5 ’hits’ which we believe to be of interest and are presenting here. We have classified each piece of evidence, or ‘hit,’ against our R.O.O. SCALE to determine how paranormal we think it is. More details on how we analyze, review and present evidence can be found in the How Do We section of our blog.


After 10 months of fine tuning our evidence review process we now provide you with a single video containing all of the evidence we feel is worthy of being included. The evidence you see, or hear, in the video is as it happened on location. The only modification, or enhancement, we have made are volume increases and background noise/hiss reduction on some of the audio, along with some scene edits, or cuts, to provide a compressed version of events.

As always, it's up to you to decide…   …is it Real Or Otherside?


ANCIENT RAM INN: FINAL EVIDENCE VIDEO [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]


As with any investigation there is evidence we can present and moments that have to be put down as a personal experience. Here are some of our personal thoughts on our time at the Ancient Ram Inn:


Yes, I was the one who swore he'd never investigate The Ram Inn. Bit weird for a 'sceptic' really, but hey! I've just seen/read so many 'horrendous' things about The Ram over the years, that I have to admit I was spooked! TBH, it was only because Mike threatened to post the video of me crying (after he'd told me he'd booked us an invo there), that I even agreed to go!

So did it live up to expectations?… I'm afraid to say that no it didn't, not by a long stretch! In fact, the location felt very relaxed (especially the 'much feared' Bishops Room) – so much so that pretty much everyone who came along took it upon themselves to perform solo vigils, even me!… now I didn't see that coming :o )

Which brings me nicely onto the people who joined us at The Ram.  It was our first 'official' open investigation, and I have to say it was a great experience.  Everybody who joined us was gracious, considerate and professional – and it was a real pleasure for us to host the event.

Before I go onto my personal experiences (should't take long!), a special mention goes to my better half (Sam) who provided a tray full of Real Or Otherside 'muffins' to help us celebrate our first open investigation (and for us to scoff during the wee small hours).

Also, I must mention our gracious host, and owner of The Ram, Mr John Humphries.  What a character he was!… very colourful, infinately quirky and clearly very passionate about his home and the 'spirits' which he believes reside there.  I get the impression that a few groups have taken advantage of John's good nature over the years, which is a real shame.  I'm comfortable that Real Or Otherside and 'friends' showed John and The Ram the upmost respect during our visit, and we are all very pleased to have raised a 'not insignificant' contribution towards it's future upkeep.

So, any personal experiences worth note?  Well, regardless of what I've stated above – the location was incredible.  Full of 'suggestable' items (a sign stating "The ancient grave lays here" for example!), it was hard not to let visual cues place you into a 'suggestible state'.

Probably the most notable experience was in the old bar area, where at least three of us heard what sounded like a disembodied mail voice say "yeeeeah maaaan", in response to me asking if the spirits wanted us to go home and tell everyone that The Ram wasn't haunted.  Now I've heard (what sounded at the time like) moans, laughs and whimpers in locations before… but never a voice/words.  Luckily enough, this 'voice' was captured on both our camcorder audio and audio recorder – and this is what you'll hear in the evidence review video.

Of course, the sceptic in me acknowledges that there's always the possibility it was one of us inadvertently making the noise – or perhaps it was caused by noise pollution from a different area in the location, or from outside.  Also, whilst we've enhanced the audio as much as possible, it's not as clear as I was expecting given how well we heard it at the time (I'd strongly suggest you use headphones to listen to it).

However, as is the nature of Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research, we'll capture the evidence and let you decide … is it Real Or Otherside?



OK … I am going to come straight out with it … the Ancient Ram Inn … was disappointing!!! It is THE location most paranormal investigators want to visit and there always seems to be plenty of reports of things happening but for me, and those that attended, it never really felt as though anything was about to "kick off!!!"

For a building that is meant to hold so many spirits, entities and evil there was never any real sense of danger, unease or feeling that something was with us. In fact I think my scariest experience of the evening was Jason crouched at the bottom of the stairs … thanks for that … mate :)

The feeling I got from the group was that most were relatively calm in their surroundings and the majority even took part in lone vigils throughout the house … including me in the notorious Bishops Room!!!

That is not to say nothing was experienced during the investigation. We have some interesting captures including light anomalies, voices and knocks and I am certain I saw 2 red eyes, from something taller than me, in the corner of the barn during my groups’ vigil.

Am I saying the Ancient Ram Inn is not haunted? No I am not!!! Maybe on another night under a different set of circumstances we may have been running for the hills but on this particular night the spirits seemed to be at peace.

Would I return to the Ancient Ram Inn? Yes I would … but I think as a 2 man team to see if we could really mix something up!!!

Finally I would just like to say thank you to everybody that joined us at the Ancient Ram Inn – you were all impeccable and showed the location the utmost respect – we can't wait to investigate with you all again :)


If you have any questions, or comments, on the above analysis or the methodology used please feel free to post below or contact Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research via email by clicking here.


  • Mike Sawyer

    I am planning a visit tomorrow, I am a sensitive and receive messages from spirits….I will know 100% if the place is haunted …hopeful but open to the possibility of disappointment ….

  • Jen

    I’ve been trying to do research on this place and even pored over the University of Bristol’s pages online and can’t find any sources about this place that AREN’T from a paranormal group or ghost TV show. Do you know where exactly I can find credible information about this place? Do you know where I could find documentation about these supposed “pagan” child sacrifices and devil worship etc? I’ve been looking for hours and have yet to find a single thing about this place except that it’s a popular tourist and ghost hunter destination.