Haunted Skirrid Inn

On Friday 27th July 2012 Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research will return to the Skirrid Inn in Abergavenny and this time we're inviting YOU to join us for an 'open' investigation.

During our investigation last September, the Skirrid Inn gave us some of our most fascinating evidence to date, including possible torch communication in rooms 1 & 2, the sound of running through the downstairs bar, interesting voices coming through via the Franks Box, and one of our investigators feeling as though they had been struck on the neck whilst stood on the staircase next to the hangmans noose!

We instantly knew that we wanted to return in 2012 and, thanks to Geoff the Skirrid's landlord, this has now become a reality. We can not wait to return to the Skirrid and further investigate our previous experiences, and hopefully experience some new ones with the family and friends of Real Or Otherside!


We are restricting the investigation to 12 people in order to reduce location contamination to a minimum, and there are 7 'open' places as of this post going live. The investigation cost is £40 per person; for this you'll get to investigate one of the UK's most haunted locations from Midnight (or as soon as the bar clears) until around 6am. Please note that there will be no sleeping facilities available at the Skirrid during this investigation.

If you're interested, drop us a line at info@realorotherside.co.uk

Just in case you missed the evidence captures from our first investigation, and by jove there was a lot, here's the evidence review video:

SKIRRID INN: EVIDENCE VIDEO [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]