By now you’re probably very used to seeing how we present our (potential) evidence of the paranormal, and are able to use this to form your own opinions as to whether what you’re seeing is Real Or Otherside?

However, what you see on screen is only half the story! For every piece of evidence we present, there are countless others that have been discounted (Debunked) as having a very natural (Real) explanation.  This short series of ‘diaries’ hopes to expand on some of those ‘debunk’ instances, to not only give you more of an insight into how/why they were debunked, but to also demonstrate why we have confidence in the ‘unusual’ nature of the evidence we do present!


In this second video in the series, we look at a light anomaly captured during our ‘open’ investigation of the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-Under-Edge, and explain why it was ultimately ‘debunked’ and not presented as evidence.
The footage appears to show some form of light anomaly appearing above one of our investigators, before dissipating…

THE ART OF DEBUNKING: BLACK MASS [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]


On first view, the footage appears fairly unusual:

  • The anomaly appears to be 'self illuminating' - i.e. it does not seem to be a reflection from the cameras Infrared lamp.
  • The anomaly follows an 'unusual' movement pattern - i.e. it does not seem to float on an airstream as dust and other air-borne particles would. It also does not track the camera's movement – indicating that it’s not a camera artefact or similar ‘hardware’ related issue.
  • The anomaly appears to exist in '3D space' - i.e. it does not seem to be a reflection onto a background object (the wall, or a roof beam) – instead it appears in front of these.

However, if you look a little deeper there are certain clues to indicate that all is not what it seems …

  • The anomaly appears to loop twice in mid-air, intensifying in brightness at its closest point to the camera each time.
  • This is very similar to the movement we see from insects caught in night-vision. Effectively when the insects wings are angled towards the camera, the cameras Infrared lamp (which enables us to capture images in complete darkness) is reflected and produces this effect.
  • When we enhanced the audio track, a car can clearly be heard passing outside at exactly the same moment that this anomaly appears.

It’s possible that the light anomaly we are seeing therefore is being caused by the passing cars headlights reflecting off of one of the objects in the room, producing the effect we see here.

Due to our many hours experience with night-vision footage, it’s generally quite easy for us to spot and debunk dust/insects.  It's very unusual to see such an ‘intense’ infrared reflection, even from an insect’s wing as whilst they tend to show up on video brighter, we’ve not seen them produce an effect this intense before.

Also it seems unusual that a car’s headlights would be able to reach the first floor, find a gap in the curtains (which were closed, we checked the later footage) and happen to find and reflect off of something in the room – producing this anomaly in just the right place to be caught by our camera.

That said, both of these scenarios are possibilities – as such it would have been unfair of us to present this particular footage as evidence.

What do you think?… feel free to give us your thoughts below. Until next time…