Haunted Talbot Hotel

We are very excited to be able to (finally) reveal that on April 14th 2012, Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research will investigate one of the oldest surviving Music Halls in the UK… if not the world.

Back in November of 2011 we first approached the trustees of this historic location, with a view to holding the first ever paranormal investigation of the building. Whilst initially wary (understandably), after we had met up with their Artistic Director, explained a little more about Real Or Otherside and our approach to investigations, we were delighted when she agreed there and then.

Originally an Ale House established in 1743, the location developed into a well-respected Music Hall in 1859 , and has been operating as such ever since – becoming one of the oldest surviving Music Halls of its period.  Both staff and customers have reported strange activity over the years, so it will be great to get into the location and try out some of the new prototype research equipment we have being built for us (more on that next week!).  It's an incredible place.  Just entering the building is like stepping through a portal into the past (as you can see in this picture).

So why the secrecy around the location’s name?  Well, one of the conditions of our agreement was that we would not reveal details of the location until closer to the date – and even then wouldn’t reveal its identity until after the investigation had been held.

This will be the Music Hall’s first ‘toe’ dipped into the world of Paranormal Research, so we completely understand and respect their feelings on this.  We are confident that our professional investigation approach will speak volumes about the Paranormal Research community as a whole, and confirm the integrity of likeminded investigators – who will hopefully be invited along to investigate this fantastic location in the future.

… is it Real Or Otherside?