Haunted Ghosts At Night

"So why do ghosts only come out at night?”

If we had a pound for every time we were asked this question (generally coupled with a look of mild contempt), we’d have…  errr… £12.47 by now!  Ok, so math is not our strong point perhaps, but we are asked this a lot and it is actually a very valid question.

Believe it or not, there is a science-based theory, which could shed some light on this generally excepted notion, that there is more spirit activity during the night.  This theory links directly into another theory; that ghosts/spirits are actually ‘energy-based’ (electrical/magnetic/electro-magnetic) manifestations – that's assuming they even exist in the first place of course!

We’ll try to keep it short and simple… mainly because we get confused with some of the bigger words ourselves!  <ahem>

As we all know a protective membrane, otherwise known as the Atmosphere, covers the earth.  During the day, the atmosphere is constantly being bombarded by a solar wind (radiation) from the sun.  However at night, when facing away from the sun, this bombardment is naturally vastly reduced.

When this solar radiation hits our atmosphere, its atoms lose their electrons and turn into ions – or are ‘ionised’.  The particular layer of the atmosphere responsible is called the ionosphere (see, it all makes sense in the end).  These ions actually restrict some forms of electrical activity in the atmosphere, which leads us neatly into our theory.

Have you ever wondered why your old analogue TV had better reception at night, or why you were only able to pick up ‘Radio Luxemburg’ at night? (hey, it was hip in the early 80’s ok!).  Well, it’s all to do with this ionisation of the atmosphere.  During daylight, the vastly increased ion activity actually impairs these TV/Radio signals, meaning they don’t travel as far/as well as they do at night.

Ok, so then what has all this got to do with ghosts?

Well, if ghosts/spirits truly are ‘energy-based’ manifestations, then it makes sense that their ability to manifest could well be impaired by heavy ionization of the atmosphere also.  In other words, it could actually be far easier for them to manifest at night, as opposed to the day.

This theory could even help explain why in past history, total eclipses of the sun have also been the source of many legends and tales of paranormal occurrences.

So that's it, the theory at least…  We hope you’ve all taken notes, as we’ll be testing you next time we see you!  Oh and just incase you were wondering, the second most asked question we get is “Where’s Egon…”  <sigh>



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