Haunted Tutbury Castle
The Haunted Happenings team, Derek Acorah, Lesley Smith… and us!

On Sunday
Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research were invited along to help out with the Haunted Happenings Derek Acorah Ghost Day event, at Tutbury Castle.

This ‘public’ event gave Haunted Happenings’ guests full access to Tutbury Castle, the various vigils which ran throughout the day, and of course access to the man himself – Derek Acorah, who gave several public readings over the course of the day.

Regardless of your personal belief system surrounding the validity of Mediumship – we can tell you that we found Derek to be genuinely approachable, very gentlemanly, generous with his time… and to have the power to bring smiles of joy, laughter (and sometimes tears) to people with what he does.  Regardless of how you personally feel he does it, this in itself is unarguably a fantastic gift to have.

Note the size order from short to tall, with the 'mediums' in the middle (see what we did there?!)

As we’ve come to expect, the Haunted Happenings team embodied professionalism, with the passion for what they do evident.  Having had the opportunity to watch them work several times now, what we find unique about their events is that rather than being given an ‘experience’ to enjoy, their guests are given everything they need to create their own unique ‘experience’

… a sentiment clearly embodied in their tag line Your Ghost Hunt Starts Here”.

As for Real Or Otherside, we had a great day meeting old friends and making new.  Our thanks to Hazel Ford and her team for inviting us along to be part of what was a truly memorable day.

Finally, and to mirror a message conveyed on our Facebook page yesterday – I just wanted to extend my personal thanks to both Mike and Paul for their time and dedication this weekend. Running on just 2 hours sleep the entire weekend isn't easy… but maintaining enthusiasm and professionalism whilst doing so is just short of walking on water.

I’m lucky to be part of such a team!…