Haunted Ship Inn Keynsham

On Saturday 10th March Real Or Otherside set off to experience the reported activity at the Ship Inn, Keynsham – including a spirit that responds to the name Sarah, glasses being pushed from shelves and then defying physics by spinning, bottom end up, on the floor and glasses shattering in the hands of bar staff before a pint can even be pulled! What would Real Or Otherside uncover as we stepped over the threshold at this historic Inn …

Located on the same site since 1636 the Ship Inn in Keynsham has seen it's fair amount of comings and goings and is steeped in history. Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research were invited along by the Ships' current landlord, Richard, after being alerted to various reports of activity occurring within the pub – thanks again to Laura for bringing this location to our attention.

The investigation commenced at around Midnight after the pub had cleared and all staff had gone home. Present for the investigation were Rick and Mike from Real Or Otherside and Richard – the landlord of the Ship Inn. With complete access to all areas of the pub including restaurant, bars, kitchen, office and cellar we carried on filming until just after 5am to ensure we had plenty of time for activity to occur and capture evidence.

With unrestricted access to the pub and spending around 5 hours in total on location we captured over 7 hours of video and audio. After the initial review process we'd recorded a total of 25 potential "hits" which, after secondary analysis/enhancement, we were able to reduce to just 2 "hits" which we believe to be of interest and are presenting here.

As always we have graded each "hit" against our R.O.O. SCALE which aims to provide a guide as to how ‘unusual’ we believe them to be. Ultimately though only you can decide … is it Real Or Otherside?

More details on how we analyze, review and present evidence can be found in our Techniques section.


Rather than you having to sit through the hours of footage we capture on location, we produce a video containing the evidence highlights from the investigation.

It is important to point out, however, that whilst the footage is condensed into a ‘digestible’ format, what you see and hear is as it happened on location. The only modifications made during the editing process are volume increases for some of the low-level audio hits along with minor cuts to provide a compressed version of events should the event take place over several minutes.

Now sit back, relax and decide for yourself … is it Real Or Otherside?

SHIP INN, KEYNSHAM: FINAL EVIDENCE VIDEO [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]


We always hope to capture any hits during an investigation on our equipment which can then be presented as part of our video evidence. Sometimes though we have experiences that are not, or cannot be, captured. We refer to these as Personal Experiences and present these to you now – along with our thoughts on the location itself:


The Ship Inn is a fascinating pub and, having never been in there before, I wasn't expecting it to have quite as much character as it did. I remember commenting to Rick at the time that it gave me the same feeling as I had when we investigated the Bell Inn in Buckland Dinham. I always feel like we are stepping back in time when we enter these types of location and it is one of the privileges of being able to investigate in the UK.

The investigation itself was relatively quiet although we did see a lot of, what appeared to be, shadow figures moving across the narrow corridor between the bar area and restaurant. Although we did have a "locked off" camera in this area the shadows always seemed to appear behind the lens so were never caught! Rick and I also heard a sigh (or exhalation) as if from an older person but strangely this was not picked up on either of our camcorders which, as you can see from the video, were in our hands and at opposite ends of the area at the time!?!?

We do however have a couple of interesting audio hits which were captured on both camcorder and voice recorder with one in particular sounding as though it could be a girl/woman … perhaps this could be "Sarah," the girl who is meant to haunt the pub?

The Ship Inn is a great location and from talking to Rich, the landlord, you can tell he thinks a great deal of it and the community around him. If there are any ghosts at the Ship Inn then I get the feeling they do not mean any of the staff or patrons harm and are quite happy to co-exist. If you are ever passing I would definitely recommend paying the pub a visit to enjoy a beer, the hospitality of the landlord and to take a step back in time at a wonderful location.



The first thing that struck me about The Ship, was how welcoming Richard (the landlord) was.  He’s the kind of guy you’d happily sit down and share a few pints and a bag of pork scratchings with!… alas, we were there for something quite different.

The Ship has a lot of character and is clearly a very old building, so it’s easy to see why it could be a magnet for Paranormal activity.  Pretty much from the off we experienced a lot of shadow play (where you see shadows moving from the corner of your eye).

The pub has a lot of varnished wood and pictures, and this can sometimes create the illusion of seeing shadows, as light from our night-vision cameras is reflected around the location.  That said, at one point I was sure I saw someone walking towards Mike and I, out the corner of my eye, as we were setting up.  Thinking it was Richard, and turning to talk to him, I found that there was no one there? 

Mike’s already spoken about the sigh we both heard in the top restaurant area.  It was so loud, I frankly have no explanation as to why neither camera picked it up?  Strangely, when I looked at the spectrograph (a visual representation) of the audio captured at that point, I could see a very distinct sound at 12,000Hz.

Human hearing ranges from around 64Hz – 20,000Hz, but the human vocal range is generally only up to 8,000Hz – so it seems odd that we heard a ‘human-like’ tone (a sigh), yet it seems to have been recorded by our equipment at a ‘non-human-like’ frequency (12,000Hz).  So why haven’t we presented the audio in our evidence video?  Because 12,000Hz is considered a very ‘high-frequency’, so all you’d hear is a high-pitched tone similar to this.  We figured we’d save you the earache! :)

Our trip to the cellar (where barrels are heard moving and Sarah likes to play tricks) was also interesting.  At one point I felt a tug on my pocket whilst I was filming the guys.  I assumed I’d backed into a barrel (or similar), but when I checked, I found I was nowhere near anything…. strange indeed!

So on the whole, our investigation of The Ship was interesting, but relatively quiet.  With so much reported activity by the staff and customers, there’s clearly something going on… it would seem however that during our visit, Sarah had been naughty and wasn’t allowed out to play! 

I look forward to returning to The Ship again at some point in the future and thank Richard for his time (and the coffee!).  For now, you decide  …is it Real Or Otherside?


If you have any questions or comments on the above analysis, or the methodology employed, please feel free to post a comment below or contact us directly using our feedback form by clicking here.