Haunted Brean Down Fort

In April 2011 Real Or Otherside were lucky enough, thanks to the National Trust, to be able to perform our first "solo" investigation at Brean Down Fort in Somerset. During our time at the fort we captured both visual and audio evidence that, and I am sure I speak for everyone who attended when I say this, left us all pretty amazed! (KEEP READING TO SEE THE VIDEO)

One of the first topics of conversation on the way home was that we definitely wanted to return in 2012 to try and recapture some of what we had experienced – as well as, hopefully, to have new experiences and further evidence of the paranormal at the fort. As we are "deadly" serious (see what we did there) about paranormal investigation we knew we had to have public liabilities insurance but this location was also one of the main reasons we got it as it would enable us to access the "locked" areas we physically couldn't get in to in 2011 – but which provided some interesting EVP's captured on our voice recorder, set down inside the gate for the duration of the night, leading to the main ammunition store!

Our return has been slightly delayed, due to factors beyond our control, as we were hoping to return in April to try and recreate similar conditions but we couldn't be happier that we are now returning for another investigation! A massive thank you has to go to Ian (Head Ranger) and Paul/Jenny (National Trust Volunteers) who have made access possible.

The investigation will take place on Friday 29th June and will be kept to a minimum number of people to avoid evidence contamination (as much as we can) so, with this in mind, the attendees will be Rick and Mike from Real Or Otherside, Paul and Jenny from the National Trust who will be our guides for the night and who seemed to be a magnet for activity in 2011. We have also extended an invitation to Stuart and Jason from Supernatural Investigations (SI) UK as we have been discussing an investigation at Brean Down Fort with them for over a year and we feel they will be a real asset to have along with their expertise and equipment.

When we originally investigated Brean Down Fort we were still in our infancy and hadn't yet begun creating our teaser/evidence videos as you know them now. Instead we presented a number of videos, showing both collated evidence and specific activity, as well as MP3 files containing some of the EVPs we had captured. As this was such a fascinating location with plenty of potential activity we have decided to create a video for "The Return." This is a little different to the videos we usually create and is a bit of a teaser/evidence hybrid but we hope you enjoy it and, if nothing else, gets you interested in Brean Down Fort!

BREAN DOWN FORT: TEASER TRAILER VIDEO [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]

While the video above gives you a small glimpse of our time at Brean Down Fort if you would like to see all of the evidence we captured please feel free to take a look at our investigation report which contains all of the video and audio we captured.

We'll let you know how we get on via our Facebook page and we will post any evidence we capture, as usual, on this website so keep checking back for updates!


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