ROOPRs BLOOPRs: VOLUME 1 [Real Or Otherside Blooper Reel]

If you monitor our website, or Facebook page, you will have seen we spent the weekend of the 15th-17th March at a paranormal event, hosted by FPI (Forest Paranormal Investigations), at St.Briavels Castle in the Forest Of Dean.

Since investigating with FPI in December 2012 we have been lucky enough that the two teams really seem to have "hit it off" and have found common bonds in many things … including our sense of humour!

FPI invited us to be the guest paranormal team over the course of the weekend and, as part of this, we gave an hour long presentation about Real Or Otherside so those attending could learn a little more about us and how we approach our work in the paranormal field.

After an hour of listening to us talk and flick through slides we thought what better way to end the presentation than to have 5 minutes, it did start out at 2 minutes, of some of the more light hearted moments from our investigations.

The ROOPRs BLOOPRs video is in no way meant to disrespect any of the spirits we are trying to communicate with, or the work other paranormal groups are doing, but rather is meant to highlight that when you are on location for upwards of 5 hours you sometimes need to relax, take a step back, have a laugh or, as we are in the pitch black, sometimes just fall over or walk in to things!

Laughter is also a great way to build positive energy and this can be used to help spirits manifest or communicate with us. With this in mind we were hoping that by having it at the end of our presentation it would leave people with a positive vibe heading in to the nights investigations and that that energy could be utilised and built upon.

We hope you enjoy the video and we are sure there will be many more to come …