Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research are dedicated to bringing you any evidence we find in it's raw and unedited format. We'll tell you what we experienced on an investigation and then back it up with video or audio evidence wherever possible. We will present the evidence in an impartial way and let you decide … is it Real Or Otherside?

What you might not realise is the sheer volume of footage we review, the amount of 'potential hits' we debunk, how methodical we are during the review process and the time we dedicate to it – just ask our other-halves!!! To give you an example, during our investigation at Bodmin Jail we captured around 8 hours of audio and video footage that needed to be reviewed!

Here is an overview of each stage of the process we follow, for every investigation, before presenting our evidence.

  • The members of the team review all Audio/Video evidence in its entirety – flagging any potential 'hits' that warrant further analysis.
  • These 'hits' are cross-referenced against other audio/video devices that were running at the time, to produce a short-list.  
  • We either meet in person or hold a video conference to review the short-listed 'hits'.  
  • During these discussions we will review each 'hit', enhance any audio where necessary and either debunk it or rate it against our R.O.O. Scale (see below).
  • Only once all of the steps have been completed will we publish our Investigation Report and Final Evidence Video.  


*Note:  'Personal Experiences' are included in the investigation report but they will not be rated under the R.O.O. Scale unless we have audio/video evidence to back them up.