After 19 months of “officially” being a paranormal investigator with Real Or Otherside, I have been having constant nagging thoughts in my head about writing a post for the website about where we have been, what we have done, what we have seen etc.

The intention was there but I could never decide how to write or approach the subject or content matter. So I decided to open up Word (other word processing packages are available), start typing and see what came out … so here it goes!

When Rick and I started on this journey it was because we had both had paranormal/unexplained experiences when we were younger and were regularly tuned to the current batch of “paranormal” TV shows. We decided we wanted to go out there and prove to ourselves that ghosts, spirits, entities, or whatever you want to call them, really exist. As a child I had always had an interest in the paranormal/unexplained and this, I thought, would be a natural continuation.

Had anyone other than Rick approached me about starting up an investigation group then I am not sure I would have accepted. For me I had to be able to trust, 100%, the person I would be doing this with and, as I have known Rick for over 13 years, I knew if anything happened on location it wouldn’t be him faking things!

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Haunted Drakelow Tunnels
Echo, echo, echo, echo…

On Saturday 18th February Real Or Otherside set off to explore the over 3 miles of catacombs below Kidderminster, which make up the Drakelow Tunnels.  What Paranormal evidence would we unearth as we descended into the darkness?…

The tunnels were originally excavated during the Second World War for use by the Rover Car Company, then later (during the Cold War) modified to provide a protected base of operations for government and government officials.  Decommissioned in 1993, the site now stands empty and derelict… an eerie reminder of a bygone era.


Our sincere thanks to Kevin and Tina Crook from Wolf Paranormal Events for inviting us along to join one of their events…  They were gracious hosts and remain valued friends of Real Or Otherside.  With full and complete access to all areas of the tunnels for around 5 hours, the only downside we faced was knowing exactly where to start our investigation in this mammoth location!  

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Haunted Brean Down Fort

In April 2011 Real Or Otherside were lucky enough, thanks to the National Trust, to be able to perform our first "solo" investigation at Brean Down Fort in Somerset. During our time at the fort we captured both visual and audio evidence that, and I am sure I speak for everyone who attended when I say this, left us all pretty amazed! (KEEP READING TO SEE THE VIDEO)

One of the first topics of conversation on the way home was that we definitely wanted to return in 2012 to try and recapture some of what we had experienced – as well as, hopefully, to have new experiences and further evidence of the paranormal at the fort. As we are "deadly" serious (see what we did there) about paranormal investigation we knew we had to have public liabilities insurance but this location was also one of the main reasons we got it as it would enable us to access the "locked" areas we physically couldn't get in to in 2011 – but which provided some interesting EVP's captured on our voice recorder, set down inside the gate for the duration of the night, leading to the main ammunition store!

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It's been a busy few months for Real Or Otherside and, unfortunately, this has meant the website has been a little neglected … if only days were 48 hours long!!!

With this in mind we thought we would make a combined post to let you know about all the latest developments, news and general goings on in the world of Real Or Otherside.

  • Behind the scenes Real Or Otherside have been in discussion with Haunted Happenings and, as a result, we will be attending some of their future investigations and producing videos for them to use on their website. The first of these, coming shortly, will be from the Hell-Fire Caves investigation we attended on the 28th April.

  • We have recently been to Edinburgh as a birthday celebration for Rick (Co-Founder of Real Or Otherside) and while there we performed a private investigation in the Niddry Street Vaults. We had some interesting activity occur, including massive temperature changes and shadows being detected, and will shortly be reviewing the footage we captured. While in Edinburgh we also had the chance to look round both Mary Kings Close and the Blair Street Vaults and we have to say these were amazing! We managed to speak with a representative for the company who have access to the Blair Street Vaults and, fingers crossed, we hope we might be able to perform further investigations in Scotland in the future!

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On Saturday 28th April 2012 we investigated the Hell-Fire Caves in Wycombe and images from the night are now available on our Facebook page. These include our friends from Haunted Happenings and their guests, as well as table tipping, glass divination, the banquet hall, inner temple and shots of the REM-POD and MEL METER … our new gadgets!

As there were so many photos from the location we have had to split them in to two albums. The first album can be accessed HERE and the second album can be viewed HERE

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Real Or Otherside Keynsham Voice

As we briefly alluded to on our Facebook page recently we have had an article published in the Keynsham Voice about the investigation we performed at the Ship Inn in March 2012. Joni, from the Keynsham Voice, has done a great job and with her permission you can access the full PDF (Adobe Reader Required) by clicking the image below.

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Haunted Ship Inn Keynsham

On Saturday 10th March Real Or Otherside set off to experience the reported activity at the Ship Inn, Keynsham – including a spirit that responds to the name Sarah, glasses being pushed from shelves and then defying physics by spinning, bottom end up, on the floor and glasses shattering in the hands of bar staff before a pint can even be pulled! What would Real Or Otherside uncover as we stepped over the threshold at this historic Inn …

Located on the same site since 1636 the Ship Inn in Keynsham has seen it's fair amount of comings and goings and is steeped in history. Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research were invited along by the Ships' current landlord, Richard, after being alerted to various reports of activity occurring within the pub – thanks again to Laura for bringing this location to our attention.

The investigation commenced at around Midnight after the pub had cleared and all staff had gone home. Present for the investigation were Rick and Mike from Real Or Otherside and Richard – the landlord of the Ship Inn. With complete access to all areas of the pub including restaurant, bars, kitchen, office and cellar we carried on filming until just after 5am to ensure we had plenty of time for activity to occur and capture evidence.

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Haunted Littledean Jail

On Saturday 28th April Rick, Mike and Paul (The Pinstripe Medium) from Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research travelled to the Hell-Fire Caves in West Wycombe to meet up with our friends Jayne, Jaime and Ron from Haunted Happenings for an evening of paranormal investigation alongside them and their guests.

The history of the caves is fascinating and when arriving you cannot help but be impressed by it's façade and the foreboding entrance that leads deep underground via it's maze of winding passages. All of the team could not wait to get inside to begin investigating and to try to uncover some more of the caves' shaded past …

Of ancient origin these unique caves were extended in the 1740’s by the infamous Sir Francis Dashwood, founder of the notorious Hell-Fire Club. His aim was to provide an extraordinary addition to his landscape gardens, no doubt inspired by his Grand Tours of Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Many of his fellow dilettantes were building great Estates and landscaping gardens and temples above ground but no others dared venture underground in this way. The chalk was used to build the main road from West Wycombe to High Wycombe. This also provided employment to the Villagers of West Wycombe following a succession of harvest failures. The achievement is a true feat of engineering and quite remarkable considering they were all dug by hand. You can still see the individual pick axe marks on the walls.

On his return from his travels Sir Francis established the famous Hell-Fire Club which subsequently held chapter meetings in the Caves and whose members included Lord Sandwich, John Wilkes and other senior aristocrats and statesmen. Sir Francis later became Chancellor of the Exchequer. Benjamin Franklin was a close friend and visited West Wycombe often. Continue reading this post … »


Haunted Littledean Jail

Home to the "Crime Through Time" exhibition, Littledean Jail had been on the radar for Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research for some time due to the many reports of activity including museum exhibits shaking, shadows in cell doorways, people being dragged from the electric chair, sounds of children crying, footsteps in the courtyard and the presence of a former jailer … but what supernatural forces would Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research encounter?

Located in the heart of the Forest-Of-Dean building work commenced on Littledean Jail in 1788 and, at the time, was one of the most up-to-date and revolutionary correction houses of its' time. The jail is now owned by Andy Jones and is home to him and his family as well as housing a museum with memorabilia from around the globe.

The investigation was held on Saturday 28th January and was the first location on Real Or Otherside’s first ever ‘Double Investigation’ – keeping great company with The Ship Inn in Newnham.

Along with us for the ride were some great friends of Real Or Otherside - James Meek, Max Ratcliffe, Lucy Dunk and Debbie Mains (Investigator In Training).

Our thanks go to Nicola at Littledean for her hospitality and for also putting us in touch with The Ship Inn.

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We have recently been reviewing the footage captured during our investigation, back in March, of the Ship Inn in Keynsham. Whilst looking through the many hours of video Rick managed to spot something extremely interesting with his 'Eagle Eyes!'

Take a look at the footage below and let us know what you think you see?  First you'll see our original footage, then we've enhanced the area of interest for 'Take 2', and finally slowed the video down for 'Take 3'.

We are currently in the process of trying to establish exactly what this is, before jumping to any conclusions… in the meantime we'd love hear what you think? – Let us know in comments below!

SHIP INN FOOTAGE [Real Or Otherside Paranormal Research]
… what do you think you see?


So what do you think … is it Real Or Otherside? 

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